How to Prevent (Real, i.e. “Snail Mail”) Spam

This is the one incredibly effective way to prevent Spam; that is, actual, real, “snail mail” spam. Junk mail that you open in, not your virtual Inbox, but that Mailbox that sits outside between the sidewalk and the road in front of your house. It is completely free, an incredibly effective.

The solution is an app called Paper Karma. It is available on both Android and iOS devices:

Paper Karma on Apple Store

Paper Karma on Google Play Store

Download the app, sign up to provide your name and postal address, and click “Scan Mail” to start snapping pictures of all the junk mail you receive.


Primarily, the app is looking for the brand name of the company that sent the mail, so focus on that logo or name; your address area is relatively unimportant since they will already have that information. Photos will be uploaded to their servers immediately and scanned for the junk mail sender. No further action is required by you (almost). Occasionally, they won’t be able to recognize the company and will require your input. And occasionally, the company “denies” the request and requires that *you* personally call. Wow.



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